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Started by Serris, January 30, 2016, 01:04:23 pm

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What started as a great idea wound up being muddled by my extremely inconsistent execution and, as of recently, inconsistent ability to attend my own episodes causing sharp declines in attendance. So, for the greater good of RPG-X, I've made the decision to end the run of Star Trek: The Lost Era on a pretty big cliffhanger. I'll admit, this decision was easier for me to make than it probably should have been. I've been struggling creatively since we hit a high point in "Kansas", and I'd been aware that changing circumstances could impede my ability to run the show since roughly the same time period.

Over its run, The Lost Era birthed some very good characters and had some memorable moments, but I don't think I was as ready to implement my vision for the series as I could have been. This got me thinking about how ideas on paper don't always translate well to reality, and after talking with Telex and Scott, we're going to be making some big changes to the SRP commission process based on that notion. Since the details aren't finalized, I won't reveal too much, but know that the show is dying for a very good reason. Exciting things are on the horizon, and I invite you to stick around our little community to see them come to fruition!

I'd like to thank my crew for putting up with my inconsistency week after week and powering through until "Shattered". You are all wonderful, and while it wound up being misplaced, I thank you for putting your faith in me to steer this ship.

Telex Ferra

:( hate to see this SRP go. I really enjoyed playing the hard-nosed captain

Scott Archer

Yeah, it was fun whilst it lasted! I think you did a better job of it than you thought Serris :)

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