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Hello Shadow Squadron members,

Recently a lot more stress has come my way th am usual, and I don't currently have the mental strength to continue planning, writing, and running an SRP at this time. Just in the first few episodes I've been observing a drastic drop in quality from episode to episode, and I hate running what under better circumstances I could put more forethought and planning in to. As such, Shadow Squadron is placed on a one-month hiatus, at the end of which it will be determined if conditions have improved enough for me to better run the series.


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Update: Since the start of this hiatus, I'm afraid my doubt in this series has only fallen further. For that reason, I have decided that cancellation may be the best path available for this series. I'd like to thank everyone who stuck with us this far, but I respect our RPG-X players too much to put forward what isn't my full potential. It's been fun, but I'm afraid it's time to just leave the series in peace instead of desperately trying to revive it.


I loved the series :( As I'm sure everyone else did aswell, but, it's your decision, and the journey, even if it was a little short, it was filled with fun!

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That's really sad to here I was looking forward to this series!