Special 5 "Icarus"

Started by Klaw, February 15, 2017, 12:42:48 pm

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Date: January 6th, 2157
Airdate: Saturday, February  25th at 15:00 EST (20:00 GMT)

It's been 5 months since the Romulans began their occupation of Andoria. Life has been hard for the Andorians, many have been forced into slave labor across the Romulan Empire. The good news is, the occupation has been so costly to the Romulans that their expansion into Coalition space has halted; to some extenet, this halt can be attributed to the Andorian Resistance.

Members of the Imperial Guard have massed a resistance force, in an effort to keep the Romulans off balance. An old friend to Starfleet, Dr. Vavia P'Trell has taken up command of the largest cell.

P'Trell has contacted the Coalition Command Council in search for aid. The Resistance movement has been so aggressive lately, that the Romulans have begun starving the Andorian Workers. Seizing the opportunity, P'Trell believes that if the resistance can get food and supplies to those affected by this blockade, they can double or triple their numbers and further their attacks against the Romulans.

Examining the line, small holes are beginning to appear, but any time a fleet is massed to try and push through, the Romulans regroup, and fill the gap. Several Pincer maneuvers have been attempted, with little to no result. The Romulans are too deeply entrenched for the moment.

However, Captain Janet Terry, of the Icarus has devised a plan for one ship to break through and deliver the supplies. If approved, The Coalition will begin a Three prong attack, to further open a hole, to grant the Icarus a safer journey across the line...


Sorry I'm late in posting:

This is This Week! All are welcome :D

For the time being, let's try to follow the positions we have on the roster right now (Though if you want to trade with someone, that's between the two of you, sort it out beforehand :D :P)

Be advised, this is the Icarus - another ship that we haven't seen before. Your normal character isn't here :)

Hope to see you all Saturday, at our new time!


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Unless something changes on my calendar, I'll be there!



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Reporting for dooty

...tee hee, he said dooty.... :P

Look forward to seeing you all there :)


I do apologize. Life has happened.

Basically, I have family in for a surprise visit and I haven't t had a free moment to prepare, and I doubt I'm going to have a free moment to run the show.

I am SOOOOO sorry, we will try again next week.


So in light of the fact that I've had no time to post updates this week, it may be best to sit this week out. :P

Keep an eye out, I'll post information soon about running a special next week. :)


Right - This probably seems like our best bet for this weekend :)

Hope you all can make it.