Episode 1x06 - "Mine Enemy"

Started by Serris, April 09, 2017, 05:16:30 pm

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The electromagnetic aliens' attempts at coercing the crew caused severe internal damage. The primary plasma conduits in engineering have been destroyed, necessitating the shutdown of the warp core. The deflector's induction relays were burned out from the high-intensity tachyon beams, and the radiation necessitated the evacuation of the forward half of the secondary hull and the lower two decks of the saucer. Many of the crew are in sickbay with injuries from the events of the previous episode.

Even worse, Engineer McKnight says that there isn't enough duranium to complete all the necessary repairs. The ship will need to find a source of ore, fast. Fortunately, Commander Quinn finds a seismically active L-class moon on short range sensors that seems to be rich with duranium ore. Captain Tolendo sends Quinn, Lieutenant Wilcox, and a pair of junior officers on a shuttle mission to retrieve duranium.

The shuttle departed the Amarante, only to be shot down from orbit by an unknown assailant.

Away Team:

Thankfully, the crash landing was relatively smooth and no one sustained any serious injuries. Determined to complete their, the party trekked through a daunting canyon plagued by earthquakes and rock slides, one of which claimed the life of a young engineer, Madison Chandler.

Security officer Hawkins' paranoia about movement in his peripheral vision became a real concern when disruptor fire began to rain down from the cliffs. The crew retreated into a cave, which the quakes quickly sealed behind them, only to be funneled down a dangerous crater into a cave.

There, they found pure duranium ore, and began mining, only to be interrupted by aliens who held them at gunpoint.

On the Amarante:

The ship quickly moved to respond to the shuttle's distress, only to be faced with an alien ship claiming to represent the Krowtonan Guard. They claimed that the Amarante had violated Krowtonan space and that their away party was to be captured in response to their intrusion. By their orders, the Amarante was to submit to their inspection teams.

Captain Tolendo wanted to escalate the situation and take the crew back by force, but an impassioned argument from relief operations officer Baker convinced him to allow the aliens to proceed. The Amarante was in no condition to fight, and hopefully, the Krowtonans weren't looking for one...


Scott Archer

Run Time: 1:35:26

I absolutely loved this episode, I thought it was well written and well run.
The run up was just the right length, and kept interesting and was pertinent to the rest of the story.
Once again, I loved the use of two servers and this time I thought it was managed very well by Serris and I like the fact that we have no idea what is happening on the ship, and they have no idea what was happening on the moon.
On the away mission, it was action to action with a few coin flips thrown in for fun and that absolutely dramatic ending.

10/10 Seris (but you only gave me the option for 5, so 5/5 :D

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Sane with Scott, absolutely awesome episode! One of the best episodes I've ever been on!

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