Taking a broom to the cobwebs

Started by Klaw, January 26, 2019, 12:44:00 pm

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Good Afternoon, TLO

As some of you may know, I had to take a brief hiatus from just about everything while I battled some health problems last year. as a result, I had to shut down just about everything - including the Daedalus community.

Well, long story short. We're back! (I'm a link) (And I'm feeling much better now).

Progress is slow, I'm working on it. But the site is up, being populated, and we're planning our first event to air next weekend.

I even re-opened the TLO Embassy (Also a link) - feel free to advertise your events, say hi - do whatever! It's your space, let me know how I can help you best utilize it :)

There are some exciting things on the horizon! And we look forward to sharing them with the whole of the RPG-X Community.

and on a deeply personal note, it's good to be back. I've missed TLO, Daedalus, and RPG-X as a whole.

Hope to see you out there.


Just wanted to poke you all again, we're nearly all together again. And we're running our first event(s) this weekend! If you hear loud noises coming from down the hall, please don't call the landlord :P

I'm hoping we can work together to strengthen RPG-X, perhaps put our heads together to find ways to improve activity across the board. I'd love to have a chat sometime, and bounce ideas around.

In any event - we're here neighbor, if you need anything.