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Author Topic: [REVIEW] Season Three | Episode One | Left Behind  (Read 81 times)


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[REVIEW] Season Three | Episode One | Left Behind
« on: February 08, 2019, 09:03:40 pm »

Season three premiere saw Ariana's chief medical officer, James Tate fight for control of the TISS Ariana as TIA (Temporal Investigations Assistant) assumed command of the ship as per her programming.

Captain Savage, Commander Dulmur, Commander Okane, and the engineering team on the planets surface were stranded as TIA jumped the Ariana before they were able to beam back aboard.  TIA, refusing to turn around, left the Ariana's command staff for dead.

In a surprise twist, Kajan rescued the away team, placing them in the Epoch's transporter buffers and placing them back on board Ariana without explanation.  Savage wasn't happy with this and wanted answers, why did Kajan, someone who wanted Savage dead, save him?  Hell bent on getting his answers Savage runs the temporal drive above specified limits, with two drives operating so close to each other and Ariana being the smaller of the two, Ariana was flung off into the time stream as her temporal core began an emergency shutdown.

Shortly after confirming they were all in one piece, the crew realise they have somehow made it back to 2440, their drop location exactly where they left one year prior, with only two differences, TIA or the drives safety protocols compensated for their absence and placed them roughly one year after they left and this time, the USS Enterprise was there waiting...


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