Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Holomatch version 1.2 for Windows and Linux!

Started by Serris, April 15, 2020, 11:58:58 PM

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It's been over two years since the last update to our Holomatch clients, but that doesn't mean we've given up support! As a matter of fact, we've expanded our support to include Linux operating systems with an experimental client, and updated our Windows clients with a new engine fork. Because of the extensive changes, we recommend uninstalling your existing client and replacing it with this one.

When The Last Outpost launched our Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force client as "Holomatch, refined," that wasn't just a fancy, branded image. "Holomatch, refined" is a standard, a commitment from us to deliver the best package possible for end users. We want this download to be worth your time and bandwidth, especially in this day and age where data caps are becoming more and more common. To that end, we continue to curate and add content, and make changes to improve the overall game experience.

Do you have suggestions for content or tweaks that would improve your experience? We welcome it! Just register here on our forums and head over to the Feature Requests board with your feedback. Reports of bugs, map exploits, and unintended game behavior should be directed to our Engineering board. If you are a creator of one or more modifications included in this client and would like to request that we remove and/or stop distributing your work, please post in the Engineering board. We do our best to properly attribute maps and models to their respective creators in our Mod Licenses folder, but no one's perfect!

Patch Notes:

•   Engine changed to a fork of cMod by Noah "Chomenor" Metzger.
            •   Linux operating system support added.
            •   IPv6 networking support added.
            •   HTTPS and FTP/FTPS server file transfer protocol support added in-engine.
            •   Demo .AVI video export support added.
            •   Screenshots now support .PNG file format.
            •   Configuration changes now load from cmod.cfg in the game install folder, rather than hm_config.cfg in AppData.
            •   Console history is now persistent across multiple game sessions.
            •   Server admins may now spectate players remotely without joining to observe and respond to cheaters.
            •   Numerous engine optimizations and bug fixes.
                   •    Full documentation regarding engine changes is available here.

•   Master servers Internet1, Internet2, and Internet3 are now functional, allowing players to join multiplayer games from the menu.
            •   Dedicated server owners and operators should update their server configurations to refer to the following master servers:           

•   The game will now default to native full screen desktop display resolution on initial start-up.
            •   Menus will appear stretched, but function normally.

Known Issues:

•   No official support for macOS operating systems. A macOS client is currently being researched.
            •   In the meantime, the Windows client has been tested and confirmed to work on WINE.

•   Linux client may require SDL2 and other library dependencies to be downloaded and installed before the game can be played.
            •   This is an experimental, untested portable client and we very much welcome feedback from Linux users.

•   No in-game options for display 4:3 resolutions above 2048x1536 and 16:9 resolutions above 856x480.
•   No in-game options for 3:2 and 21:9 aspect ratios.
            •   Native full screen monitor resolution can be set by using /r_fullscreenMode "-2" and /vid_restart.
            •   Windowed mode can be set by using /r_fullscreen "0".
            •   Windowed mode resolution is set by setting /r_customwidth and /r_customheight to your desired window size.
                   •    For example, you would type /r_customwidth "1920";r_customheight "1080" in console for 1080p displays.
                   •    If none of your changes are taking effect, try /vid_restart.

•   No in-game options for anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering.
            •   These must be set manually via your graphics card's control panel.

•   Optional "initiating program" fade-in on server join doesn't use updated, wider field of view.
            •   A fix for this is currently being researched.

•   Users may encounter problems joining servers due to a "bad CD key" error.
            •   This occurs because some servers still use the original game client, which has the CD key check enabled.
                   •    This cannot be fixed without a valid CD key.

•   The in-game model list doesn't include all of the player models and skins present in BaseEF.
            •   This is the result of an engine limitation with how many models the menu can display. We are researching possible fixes.

The Doctor

Amazing news to wake up to! Great work and I'm really excited to play some old fashioned Holomatch. Already very nostalgic over seeing a full list of servers (see screenshot)!

Hope to catch up with some of you online soon!

Luke80 / The Tenth Doctor / DeepSpaceLuke  :bye:
DeepSpaceLuke: A writer, filmmaker, educator and gamer. Aficionado of Starfleet, Time Lords and green jackets! Former Elite Force Files admin as Luke80 and The Tenth Doctor!



Engine hotfix went live today! Various default settings have been changed, the autoexec.cfg has been removed, and server file transfers are enabled again. Otherwise, the content is identical to the initial release. Existing users won't have to download and reinstall unless they want to mess around with it.


EDIT - I've noticed it will default to whatever your desktop resolution is regardless of what resolution you set in game. I've got around it by switching my desktop resolution to the one I require.

Hello, Thank you very much for this. It's been years since I've enjoyed this game, very good memorys for me.

I'm wondering if anyone else has an issue of it being stretched? I usually play my old games in 4:3, it was working fine but the patched version is like zoomed in to fill the screen. My old version runs fine, I have my gpu scaler set to keep aspect ratio.

Any ideas?




You can set a custom resolution in the game through the console. Open the console using ~ or Shift + ESC, and run these commands:

/r_fullscreenMode -1
/r_mode -1
/r_customWidth 1920
/r_customHeight 1080

Where 1920 and 1080 are replaced by the actual resolution you wish to set. This should have the game try to use this resolution in both windowed and full screen modes.