Landmark: Deep Space Station K-7

Started by Serris, March 15, 2015, 03:32:16 PM

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Debut: "Into the Wild Blue Yonder"
Date of Encounter: Stardate 13039.76 - January 15th, 2310, 12:23

Deep Space Station K-7 is a Tarellian-type Federation Starbase located in the Sherman system. Constructed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers in 2252, K-7 has been a hub of commerce and trade in the Aldebaran Sector for over 60 years. While the station is administered by civilian staff, Starfleet makes use of it as a rallying point for operations in or around Klingon territory due to its proximity to the border.

Episode Appearances:
     •     "Into the Wild Blue Yonder"
     •     "The Coming Storm"
     •     "Phoenix Rising"
     •     "Intermission"
     •     "Revelations"
     •     "The Road Ahead"