Disable Do not n00b messages and kick RPG-X

Started by Jack Telford, May 16, 2016, 03:59:27 pm

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Jack Telford

My friend and I have a server I just run in game and we were just messing around having a phaser fight but it didn't work to well because he kept getting kicked for n00bing.


I'm moved this to the suggestions forum. Please remember that the server rules are still in force when there's not an RP going on, so phaser fights shouldn't be happening on the TLO servers even when an RP is not going on. Limited exceptions may be granted at the end of SRP's when admins may OK it for just a few minutes because it's a bit of a silly RPG-X tradition, but that's it really.

The reason for that is, if a new person logs onto our servers and sees a frag fight going on--their impression of RPG-X and TLO may be quite negative. They might  also think fragging is OK and disrupt RP's or delay RP's because they want to frag instead, etc.

I suggest that those wanting to frag set up a localserver for a fun frag RP.


Sorry--I misunderstood that you were referencing a private server. There's some sort of command that sets the amount of frags before the kick kicks in. I imagine you could set it to a very high number--perhaps 0 might even turn it off. I don't know what command that might be though.

Jack Telford

Yeah  I tried different sv_ commands but I haven't found it yet.

Martin Thompson

May 19, 2016, 02:40:42 pm #4 Last Edit: May 19, 2016, 02:43:46 pm by Martin Thompson
I also do not know by heart what the command is, i will however look it up for you.


The relevant commands are:

rpg_non00b "1"
rpg_kickAfterXkills "3"
rpg_kickAfterNumkills "3"

Set these either before you start a server or put them in a the hmconfig.cfg file in RPG-X2 folder.

non00b 1 disableds noob class, and the other two commands are pretty much self explanatory.