in-game, missing map textures? [RESOLVED]

Started by Aaron.L.L.A.P., May 21, 2012, 05:40:43 pm

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Wesley Meacham

i already have poseidon a installed so i don't know what files im missing.darnit :-[   

Telex Ferra

v2-poseidon-a as well? abotu strp_defiant?


Download both USS Defiant maps. By both, I mean both versions. STRP and the other

Wesley Meacham

I don't have STRP_Defiant Ill have to find that.

Wesley Meacham

I haven't been able to find it any where i even looked through old forums to no avail. can some one send me a link to where i might find it
Oh and here are Newer screenshots. :-\

Wesley Meacham

Thanks john now i have most of the textures im still missing some but most are there.
ps For some reason im missing the warp texture on the solaris map does that have any dependancies?