RPGXEF Vanderbilt [CLOSED]

Started by Andromeda, January 15, 2013, 10:41:11 am

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So.. I downloaded the map. Shoved its 3 PK3's into the right place as per the installation instructions request (But obviously in the one that RPGXEF loads from).

I tell EF to load the map. It goes to load it but sits at "Awaiting Connection...0" with the RPGX Logo in the corner and "Connecting to Localhost" next to it.

So.. whats up with that?


Andromeda, where exactly did you put the map files? Xef and regular RPG-x share the baseef folder, so put them there.


I'm using the latest RPGXEF and the 3 PK3's are where you just said to put them.


Yes, but are you using RPGXCE 1.2.5 RC1, or something else?

Do other maps load correctly?


Yes I'm using that. Other maps load fine. Except Iwo Jima which for some reason even though its in the right place and the game knows it exists since its listed when you try to load it the game can't find the map.


My copy works, but I'm missing lots of textures. I have station modas and ariana - but apparently they aren't enough. Anybody know the dependencies?


Vanderbelt just crashed from me in the old version, however I'll try this new RC and see if it works.

It was something about not being a JPEG.


The RC is explicitly built to fix the vanderbilt issue, SFC3, as it says in the thread for it - so you should be able to load it.

I'm not sure what the dependencies are, but the readme should say.

Andromeda, contact me on WLM/Skype when you have a chance and I'll look into the issue you're having.


After hunting for the website, turns out it was Atlantis.


I fixed it. Had to reinstall RPGXCE and the RC1 since a lot of things started bugging out.. Today I've attracted A LOT of bugs.. heh

My final Question: Who made the map?
I may use it in Star Trek: Ishimura but it would be nice to get someone to Rexture the consoles and rename a few doors and remove the Romulan insignia's.


Vanderbilt was made by ~TF~, you can contact him on the Ubergames forums.

Glad you got it resolved.

The Investigator

I think there may be a version mismatch problem.

Whenever I load it on the server, the map lacks textures of any kind (though, when in noclip, you can see everything, but when you go back in, there are no textures). When I load it locally, everything works fine.

The server version is apparently: 'Station Vanderbilt' (V2.0)
The version I have is: 'Station Vanderbilt' (v3.1.4)


3.1.4 is the only version currently available as far as I know. It still says 2.0 on the loading screen But the map is v3.