S02E07 - "Till Death Do Us Part" - 05/10/13

Started by Grizz, September 14, 2013, 05:58:29 pm

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September 14, 2013, 05:58:29 pm Last Edit: October 05, 2013, 06:26:33 pm by Grizz

Production Code: 2x07
Episode Title: "Till Death Do Us Part"
Writer: Grizz
Air Date: 5th October 2013

The Ariana's unexpected discovery was just the tip of an infectious iceberg. Doctor Hampton returns to Pioneer Station amidst an outbreak of the weaponized nano-virus across the Tyrella sector. Doctor Rogan enlists the entire senior staff in finishing the work he started in 2383. Starfleet's efforts to form a quarantine zone threatens a divide between the Federation and several worlds. With Kensi Shaw missing and Captain Munro on a personal quest to track down the culprit of the virus' re-emergence, Pioneer is on the brink of the end of an era as it braces for an emotional curveball to blast the series out of it's mid-season finale.

This episode requires Andzzy as Tim Rogan and a majority attendance.

Martin Thompson

QuoteThis episode requires Tim Rogan and a majority attendance.

I will try to majorly attend!

John Adams

If it requires Andzzy I don't think we'll be doing it... I will majorly attend aswell.

Kurt Fraser

Hey I'm new to the group is it ok if I tag along on this either as an extra or a member of crew?


Kurt Fraser

Thankyou could I just get the time in GMT please to make sure I've go it right

Kurt Fraser

Also I can't seem to download the station... and is it just the station I need or is there anything else?


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8:30 PM

The direct download links below are the maps you will need to have all the textures and such:

Vanderbilt Station

Starfighter Command

USS Ariana

USS Atlantis <- navigate to USS Atlantis on the front page

Kurt Fraser

404 Not Found

The requested URL /rpg…lease_win32.zip was not found on this server.
Still getting the error for vanderbilt

Kurt Fraser

"Admiral there is always a logical explanation" (Captain Spock, Wrath Of Khan.)

Martin Thompson

Hey there Kurt, i hope to see you on the server next week then!

Also, for optimal enjoyment, make sure you have the optional files:

(My character is using one of the skins in the optional files, its no problem if you don't have them, but if your missing some then some people might all have the same model/skin and it will look weird for you in-game when you see a female character looking like a male lol).


Since I'll be away...

"Till Death Do Us Part" 10 Teasers

1 ) The decision not to act on the Tyrella virus over three years ago has fatal consequences.

2 ) This is a personal mission for Doctor Rogan.

3 ) Only this time, he's not working alone on an alien ship. Everyone is forced to pitch in.

4 ) The peace treaty pales in comparison to what Pioneer must accomplish in a short amount of time.

5 ) Contact is made with an alien race. That's two for two.

6 ) Sickbay takes on an unexpected delivery.

7 ) Shaw's absence is made clear. Munro's absence is hinted at. Hampton's return is a mistake.

8 ) There's a piece of the puzzle missing from the day G'rath was cornered. It is discovered.

9 ) The title should be taken literally because... those consequences...

10 ) ...they're coming.

Kurt Fraser

September 16, 2013, 12:31:42 pm #13 Last Edit: September 16, 2013, 12:35:30 pm by Kurtf2013
Thanks Martin I'll download them just now just to make sure there are no installation issues. I also had a look round the Ariana, very nice ship love the fact you can land on a research outpost makes for plenty of opurtunity for episodes

Kurt Fraser

Also just for future reference can someone give me a town/city that is in EST so I can add it to my iPod's world clock, so I don't have to convert to my time zone. Thanks