S02E08 - "A Touch of Death" - 03/11/13

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October 05, 2013, 07:01:06 pm Last Edit: November 03, 2013, 06:18:50 pm by Grizz

Production Code: 2x08
Episode Title: "A Touch of Death"
Writer: Grizz
Air Date: 3rd November 2013

In 2385, Mark Chaplain and Renee Hampton set out to assemble the perfect team to staff Pioneer Station. With Asteroid Base: Alpha watching their backs, it was to be a safe haven of scientific discovery, trade and commerce. Two years later, on the anniversary of that day, the dream looks to be blown apart.

Pioneer Station goes dark following an explosion which ripped through Sickbay with the crew's department heads inside. The surviving staff are faced with not only saving themselves, but also a growing list of worlds as the infection continues to ravage the Tyrella Sector with no word from the remaining research posts. Federation forces in the sector are dealt their biggest blow as the perpetrator is revealed and the endgame is unveiled.

In the near future, Tabor Laren faces picking up the pieces of friendships and relationships torn apart over a fateful 48 hours in the Accobar System.

Halkonian Music Pack (you should only have one AF music pack <- this one!)


October 11, 2013, 04:16:09 am #1 Last Edit: October 11, 2013, 04:18:11 am by Grizz
Date Change! This episode will now take place on November 2nd to prevent Season Two from overlapping with the holiday season. Have no fear that everything will be ready in time.


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"A Touch of Death" 10 Teasers

1 ) We open with the first few minutes... followed by the rest of the episode. That doesn't sound quite so interesting, does it?

2 ) Although the recovery from the incident is immediately addressed, the team still has an objective to achieve.

3 ) The Taren Station Commander wasn't all that forthcoming.

4 ) I'm sorry. I'll speak to you just before the episode begins... and you'll know. I'm so, so sorry.

5 ) Amber Munro and Kensi Shaw are still out of the picture. One seeks closure while the other seeks revenge.

6 )

7 ) Tabor is called upon more than even he could have expected to be.

8 ) Time for one more loose end to be tied up as the antagonist is revealed.

9 ) "He triggers a chain reaction and with it, the Tyrella Sector is brought to it's knees."

10 ) If you hold the opinion that Mark Chaplain is the obvious scapegoat for a death on the station, please clear November 2nd on your calender... and no, Renee didn't slip in to Sickbay unnoticed either.

Martin Thompson

So, atleast we know Tabor and Thrace survived, two down, fourteen to go, who has survived, who hasn't?



- This is episode 25 of Asteroid Field Serial. Episode 52 of the TLO-Accobar Series. Episode 92 in the Asteroid Base Universe since it's creation.

- Originally, this episode was called 'M.A.D.'

- The mid-season storyline originally took place on an alien world, with Starfleet attempting to talk down two warring factions, prepared to use the nano-virus as a means to an end. When Griffiths departed TLO, the story was scaled back to Pioneer Station and a personal cost was added to the crew.

- When choosing who would be killed off, I looked at different factors for each victim. One of them was for it's shock value.

- This was Hampton's jumping off point for a long time. Upcoming events required a change in leadership and the very ideals Pioneer was built upon.


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If your clocks haven't gone back, please note that this episode is going to be at the same 20.30 GMT.

If this is a problem for folks around the world, I can push back this episode 1 week. At a cost.


October 27, 2013, 08:32:05 pm #6 Last Edit: October 27, 2013, 08:41:32 pm by SFC3
I will definitely be there!



It should, I'm running off Asteroid Base time all of a sudden.

Can't think why.


Introduction to "A Touch of Death" by Grizz

I have never reworked a roleplay as much as I have episode eight of this season. I've worked around numerous character losses and even a map loss just to make this work. The entire nature of this episode has changed several times. From the start of a new run of episodes to a sequel to the first half. Now it's somewhere in between. Addressing the events of episode seven while laying the groundwork for a new Asteroid Field landscape.

Around 95% of this episode takes place on one deck for potentially obvious reasons. Over the course of the two hour slot, three characters will depart the series for good. Perhaps from the 4th minute. Perhaps from the 118th. Perhaps at some point in between. But it feels like the end of something that was started back in January and in two weeks time I'm tasked with starting the series all over again in a slightly different way. Maybe we can pull it off. Maybe we can't. But I would like to think of the former.

The Asteroid Base equivalent to this mid-season story was "The Two Doctors" - a story which all but changed everything. It was the start of the Illuminati, the rise of G'rath and the (literal) fall of Peirce. What happens in the coming hours of roleplay will change Pioneer Station and change the Accobar System. But all of this pales in comparison to the changes on the horizon when we reach a fateful day in 2387. The preperation for judgement day starts now.

Talus Roben



This episode is undergoing rewrites with House's LOA. Unless there are more pull-outs, all should be well for Saturday. But I know that certain people are now required for it to go ahead - but I can't reveal who for story reasons.


Link to the Season 2.5 "Halkonian" music pack is now available in Required Files and at the top of this page!

The pack has been updated and modified to include new and former pieces from Asteroid Base. This revision will see the series through until February 2014 and is highly recommended. Be sure to have deleted any former "Accobar" "Tyrella" or "Pioneer" music packs.

Martin Thompson

QuoteBe sure to have deleted any former "Accobar" "Tyrella" or "Pioneer" music packs.

I still had all 3 XD