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Started by Grizz, October 14, 2013, 12:51:51 pm

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Who do you think will become Pioneer's CO

Michael Barnes
Sophia Mason
Amber Munro
Other Current Starfleet Crew Member (specify)
Other Current Civilian Crew Member (specify)
Other Current Off-Station Character (specify)
A New Character


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In November, Renee Hampton surrenders a now loose grip on the director's office and somebody will ascend to the vacant position. But who do you think that will be - providing some of the choices survive that long? Cast your three available votes in the poll above.


I think having Tabor as CO would be absolutely hillarious (my other vote).

That said, I think Barnes or a totally new character would be more realistic.

Lucas Picard

Well I was going for a new character, current Starfleet Officer and Barnes.

the Starfleet Officer i would've pick Alicia for the CO post since she has a good marks on the her duties

Talus Roben


I voted:

Amber Munro - This would be nice to see her back at the helm of the project that she enveloped in her time on AB:Alpha. Plus Amber was fantastic at bonding with the crew and taking no prisoners, qualities that really added to the SRP I believe.

Other Current Starfleet Member - Tim Rogan of course! Who doesn't want to see Tim Rogan at the helm of the station?! Assuming he survived this round of "Let's blow up Sickbay" I think he would make for the perfect* leader!

New Character - One of the things that AB:Alpha and AF did and do so very well is the introduction and integration of new characters. This keeps things fresh and I really do enjoy a bout of fresh every once in a while!

*opinion only. Not reflective of actual facts and/or track record.

December. Cheer for everyone!

Martin Thompson

Wow, tough choice. I get 3 though!

Most realistically, it will be Barnes. He has proven himself to be able to handle station commander life and already has the nessecary experience on Pioneer under his belt.

I secretly also voted for Another Off-Station character. Someone you won't see comming.
I'm talking about a twist. Something nobody's expecting. Something starting with: "You mean something like this?"


Barnes & New Character took my first two votes, as both seem like realistic possibilities.

My third ended up on Sophia Mason, mainly because we saw relatively little of that character, and there are many unanswered questions that could develop into a very interesting backstory to explore.

John Adams


I voted for

Barnes - It seems like I'm self promoting myself (I am :P) but as Station Commander, the position would allow me to really develop the character better, because I also use the same character in STO, and I need backstory.

A New Character - Why not? I always like to see "new" faces. Faces that may or may not get killed sooner or later.

Mason - From what I can tell, she seems to be a pretty confident commander.


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Now with 100% more thread image. Will any of those six crew members take the chair? Who knows.

[spoiler]I do.[/spoiler]

Talus Roben

Quote from: Grizz on October 14, 2013, 06:12:30 pm
Now with 100% more thread image. Will any of those six crew members take the chair? Who knows.

[spoiler]I do.[/spoiler]

None of them will: It'll be Rush or Melia Clarke.


A new character has emerged as the most popular/likely choice for a new station commander while Michael Barnes unexpectedly secures a safe second place - along with the possibility of another Starfleet officer currently aboard the station.

Who was right and who was wrong? Asteroid Field returns this week to reveal all!