Star Trek: Asteroid Field - Season 2.5 Overview

Started by Grizz, October 31, 2013, 09:48:44 am

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Season Two: Part Two - 2387

"Last Light"

A biological attack on several worlds in the Tyrella Sector brings change to the Accobar System, Asteroid Base: Alpha and Pioneer Station. Determined to reignite the core values that the station was founded upon, a newly appointed Station Commander strives to repair the damage caused by the Illuminati's final act and the Halkonian stand-off. With civilian and allied traffic returning to the system, the major races bound by the Taylor-Taval peace accord begin to establish a permanent presence in the region - making good on promises made in 2385.

But Pioneer's trials and tribulations don't come to a halt there. Daniel Thrace leads an expedition through Accobar's history. A fugitive whistleblower takes a great interest in a senior member of the crew. The heir to a royal throne enjoys unpresecended freedom aboard the station. An original member of the team is accused of treason - with compelling evidence. But to top it all, 2387 delivers a day of judgement which will either unite the region, stronger than ever before - or break it apart once and for all.

In the last four years, the Accobar System has transformed from a remote outpost which few had heard of, to a vitally important and hotly contested hub of diplomacy and scientific discovery. Although many of it's figureheads have departed in the race to establish a strong presence, the struggle to secure it's future has only just begun.