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Star Trek: Discovery - Getting Started and Introduction

Started by SFC3, December 03, 2014, 11:30:27 pm

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Welcome to Star Trek: Discovery by Dendo Hellen and SFC3. This is the First STO SRP in TLO in nearly two years.

The story takes place in 2410 - focused on a joint Romulan Republic/Starfleet Task Force commanded by Admiral Javier Amarigo. Their mission - to explore the unknown inside the Solonae Dyson Sphere, inside Delta Quadrant. To assist in this mission, their base of operations is a retrofitted Solonae Sphere Spire. However, their scientific and exploratory mission to understand the origins of this sphere will not come without obstacles. The wake left by Admiral Janeway's Voyager has long lasting effects, and not all of them were good. Not only are the Voth involved in disturbing the peace, but the new, familiar friends and foes of the Delta Quadrant are now within our grasp.

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