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Started by Serris, February 17, 2015, 05:08:45 pm

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February 17, 2015, 05:08:45 pm Last Edit: November 29, 2015, 09:08:56 pm by Serris

Division Color: White

Commanding Officer: Captain He Jianyu (Telex Ferra / Jianyu2)
Executive Officer: OPEN
Second Officer: OPEN

Division Color: Grey

Chief Flight Control Officer: Lieutenant Deanna Cameron (Shoot / Telsia2)
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer: OPEN
Flight Control Officer: OPEN
Shuttlebay Dockmaster: OPEN
Chief Support Craft Pilot: OPEN
Support Craft Pilot: OPEN

Division Color: Grey

Chief of Security / Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Jonathan Barnes (Samual Johnson / Long2)
Assistant Chief of Security / Tactical Officer: OPEN
Security Officer: OPEN
Tactical Officer: OPEN
Security Investigations Officer: OPEN
Ordinance Officer / Master-at-Arms: OPEN

Division Color: Gold

Chief Operations Officer: Lieutenant J.G. T'Lona (Mutatio Nomen / Selar2)
Assistant Chief Operations Officer: OPEN
Operations Officer: OPEN
Quartermaster: OPEN
Transporter Chief: OPEN

Division Color: Gold

Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Moonlight Reflections (Scott Archer / Than2)
Assistant Chief Engineer: OPEN
Engineer: Chief Sheia K'Ress (Sheia K'Ress / RSera)
Communication Array Specialist: OPEN
Computer Specialist: OPEN
Damage Control Specialist: OPEN
Matter/Energy Specialist: OPEN
Propulsion Specialist: OPEN
Structural/Environmental Specialist: OPEN

Division Color: Olive

Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Joshua Cameron (ClingingMars / Durk2)
Assistant Chief Science Officer: OPEN
Science Officer: OPEN
Xenolinguistics Specialist: OPEN
Astrometrics Officer: OPEN
Anthropologist: OPEN
Biologist: OPEN
Stellar Cartographer: OPEN

Division Color: Olive

Chief Medical Officer: OPEN
Assistant Chief Medical Officer: OPEN
Medic: OPEN
Head Counselor: Lieutenant Maya Ramirez (Serris / Janeway2)
Counselor: OPEN


Please apply to five assignments you may be interested in, in order of which position you want the most to which one you want the least. Be sure to include the character model you're using.


February 17, 2015, 05:15:30 pm #2 Last Edit: March 17, 2015, 03:32:28 pm by Shoot
Character name: Lisa Armstrong

Race: Betazoid/Human

Model: Alexa

Place 1:XO
Place 2: CO
Place 3: CoS/CTO
Place 4: OPS
Place 5 CE/SO

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Scott Archer

February 17, 2015, 05:24:37 pm #3 Last Edit: February 19, 2015, 05:51:41 pm by Scott Archer
Character Name:01001110
Race: Bynar
Model: Serris to create skin if poss
1: CE/ SO
2: chief ops
3: Computer specialist
4: transporter chief
5: propulsion specialist

Comment: I may be slightly late sometimes but I should be able to attend most of the time!

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February 17, 2015, 06:44:51 pm #4 Last Edit: February 17, 2015, 07:38:50 pm by Tanglepaw12
character name: Benjamin adams
Race: human
Model: chakotay
1: security officer
2: chief science officer
3: shuttlebay dockmastrr
4: engineer
5: operations officer

Telex Ferra

February 17, 2015, 07:09:58 pm #5 Last Edit: February 19, 2015, 01:03:36 pm by Telex Ferra
Character Name: He Jianyu
Race: Human
Model: Jianyu
1: CO
2: XO
3: CE && Second Officer
4: CSO
5: CoS


Rick Peters (Terran) - Renner

Torvek (Vulcan) - Seklom
4. CE
5. CoS

Or anywhere you would rather place me


February 17, 2015, 08:56:00 pm #7 Last Edit: February 19, 2015, 10:28:02 pm by SFC3
Character Name: Mark Bonchune

Rank: Change as preferred

Model: Barnes

1. XO
2. CO
3. COS
4. CFO
5. OPS / SO


Name: Gareb th'Zarath

Race: Andorian

Model: Lorkesh

1. CO
2. CMO
3. CE
4. XO
5. CoS

December. Cheer for everyone!

Martin Thompson

I'd like to register but i cant guarantee attendance so just put me in a minor role (im also applying for junior positions only).

Name: Jensar Hagen

Race: Betazoid

Model: Biesman

1 Stellar Cartographer
2 Transporter Chief
3 Computer Specialist
4 Communication Array Specialist
5 Shuttlebay Dockmaster


I'd like to note that Second Officer isn't a dedicated position and you can double it up with another senior officer role. I'll start assigning positions once everyone's had a chance to re-examine their preferences.

Scott Archer

I'd like to go in for SO as well then. Do you want me to but it down as one of the 5?

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Quote from: Scott Archer on February 19, 2015, 03:41:14 pm
I'd like to go in for SO as well then. Do you want me to but it down as one of the 5?

Put it in addition to whatever senior officer roles you're applying for.

Scott Archer

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Character Name: Karell Tyvas
Race: Trill
Model: TBD (perhaps a nice Trill skin you can make :3)
1: CoS & Second Officer
2: CSO
3: CE
4: CMO

I'm excited!