Anomaly: Janus Prime Vortex

Started by Serris, April 05, 2015, 03:40:01 PM

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Debut: "Janus"
Date of Encounter: Stardate 13046.72 - January 18th, 2310, 01:21

The Janus Prime Vortex is a funnel-shaped rupture in the fabric of space-time located in the Janus system. Because the space around the anomaly is in a constant state of flux, sensor technology is incapable of penetrating its event horizon.

Matter and energy around Janus Prime appear to resonate with other quantum realities, and the effect seems to grow stronger with proximity to the vortex, properties shared with the quantum phase disturbance the crew originally encountered near the Azure Nebula. This has a dangerous effect on matter/antimatter reactions employed by Federation starships, as dilithium becomes increasingly unstable as its molecular bonds begin to phase-shift.

Janus Prime's interior appears to be some sort of ion storm trapped within a pocket of subspace. The quantum resonance effect is at peak intensity at the core of the anomaly, bringing every quantum reality into sync and allowing them to co-exist at the same point in space-time.

The Phoenix and its counterparts were able to disperse the vortex by firing anti-graviton pulses into the center, destabilizing its spatial matrix and propelling the ships trapped within to freedom.

Episode Appearances:
     •     "Janus"
     •     "Terminus"