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Star Trek: Discovery S01E10 "The Core (Part One)"

Started by SFC3, May 23, 2015, 10:52:41 am

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Star Trek: Discovery
S01.5 - E10 - The Core - Written by SFC3
June 20th, 2015  - TIME: 8/8:30 PM GMT- 3/3:30 PM EDT

Doctor Mathias' team works on breaking into the Obelisk's central computer core - but unexpectedly members of her research team begin to disappear. A search team is led by Commander S'lan into the ship in order to track a deadly secret.

Finale Part One of Four

Team required - Utilizes Foundry mission "The Obelisk Defense" - Available in Review Content -> New


Due to technical difficulties, Star Trek: Discovery will not be running "The Core" today. The Foundry mission we are creating is taking more time than we anticipated and we want it to be the best that we can do.

Because of this, we will be postponing the episode until Next Saturday: but allowing for testing of the mission as soon as its ready.

Stay tuned for more info.


The Foundry mission is ready in the Foundry's Review Content area - "The Obelisk Defense". Will contain spoilers for this episode, but feel free to play.


This is June 20th, 2015. Please pick up "The Obelisk Defense" in the Foundry before joining us today. It should be in "new". Please note that all who do not attend without any given notice WILL be removed from the roster.