Daedalus Crew Roster and Applications

Started by Klaw, September 23, 2015, 12:22:26 pm

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a MACO character?  So we have 2 characters?  Does it need to be different to the other one.
Also i should have thought of this first but im not sure the time slot is convenient.  9pm GMT isnt a good time for me, an hour later would have been perfect.

It's at 8PM BST, so technically 7PM GMT.

7PM? that should be ok i think

To answer your question - yes. We run two different rosters, (our third just blew up a couple episodes ago) with different characters in both - as they typically are off doing things at the same time.

My MACO Character:

Name: Sebastian Eccleston
Model: Munro
Most desired position: WS, CSO

Defiant Character: Martin Friedman
Model: Spider
Most desired position: Sci, Cos, Med


Updated the roster

You're probably gonna play Sebastian today :)


dang. my mistake.  i went on as Ross.


Updating the roster as I type this.

The war made a big mess of things the last few weeks. So I may forget someone :P I'm trying to place the survivors somewhere useful :) However, if you'd like to send your charcter(s) off elsewhere, and start fresh( or fresh-ish) with new characters in new positions - let me know :)

Lots of great openings still, btw - don't hesitate to apply. The next half of this season is going to be more epic than the first :)


Starfleet Character's Name: Aleksandr Vasilevsky
Starfleet Character Model: Spider
Top most desired Starfleet position(s): OPS, CMO
Any Backstory you wish to share about your Starfleet character: Russian looking for nuclear wessels!

MACO Character's Name: Sasha Cooper
MACO Character Model: Telsia
Top most desired MACO position(s): CSO
Any Backstory you wish to share about your MACO character: Field Science is the best Science


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Starfleet Character's Name: Jeffrey Quinn
Starfleet Character Model: Chakotay
Top most desired Starfleet position(s): ACE
Any Backstory you wish to share about your Starfleet character: Update Soon-ish

MACO Character's Name: Dominic Grayson
MACO Character Model: Chang
Top most desired MACO position(s): ACWS
Any Backstory you wish to share about your MACO character: Update Soon-ish


Updated (sorry, been another long week...)

Rapid_Starr - trying to avoid twins (at least on the same ship) - Tanglepaw beat you to Chakotay, who would be your second model choice?


Okie Dokie - As per This Post, I'm looking at overhauling the series, and taking off with a new timeslot.

As such, Once the timeslot is set, I would appreciate if the folks on the roster would reply to this thread to confirm they're still able to partake.

As a note, I can guarantee that the series will still reside on the Weekends, Either Saturday or Sunday.

I am still accepting Applications though, but keep an eye on the thread linked above, that's where the conversation is.

Thank you Folks


Updated the roster due to a couple of completely inactive members.

TJFGuitarman and Rapid_Starr, If you come back and see this, and your posts are open - you'll get first crack back :)

Meanwhile, CE and ACE on Nova are Open, and Assistant Chief Weapons Specialist on the MACO Outpost is also open.

Plenty of openings for anyone looking to take part :)


I would like to come back as CE but if the time was changed that would help.


With Daedalus going to Sundays and me being 99% free that day i would like to transfer Ramsey to Chief Engineer, Just feel with Shoot being Tactical officer, Ramsey could better serve the ship somewhere else and with his backstory CE seems a good fit, if its available.


Just gonna drop this bit o knowledge:

Lots of Open, Senior positions on the roster - and even more are on the way.

Come check out the series! and reserve your spot today! :)


Starfleet Character's Name: Fleet Admin Simon O'Brien
Starfleet Character Model: CPT
Top most desired Starfleet position(s): Command or Security (The more you list, the better chance you have of being posted somewhere that you'll enjoy)
Any Backstory you wish to share about your Starfleet character: N/A will make one up in time