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A Brief Overview

The Story begins at the dawn of 2154, Enterprise is out hunting the Xindi, and Starfleet is worried about them. Hashing out a plan to send Enterprise some support, the newly refitted USS Daedalus has been charged with the mission to follow Enterprise, verify they're still alive and if so offer any aid that Captain Archer may need, otherwise, Daedalus must finish the mission on their behalf.

Equipped with humanity's first Warp 7 engine, Daedalus has become the fastest ship in the fleet. Unfortunately, Daedalus' mission was a failure. Between distractions from an engine failure', An Andorian Civil war, and A Saboteur; a rendezvous with Enterprise never occurred.

Shortly after returning home, Earth was attacked. A bomb planted at the heart of Starflleet Command destroyed the entire command structure of Starfleet. Rear Admiral Richard Gardner, and MACO General Benjamin Foster united, to start rebuilding. Keeping Captain Pierce on Earth, Daedalus, under the command of Vavia P'Trell, was sent out to find the people responsible, a man called 'The Director'.

While tracing a message sent from 'The Director', Daedalus come under attack, from another Starfleet vessel. Miscommunication and deception have torn the heart out of Starfleet, at a time where unity is most in need. Eventually, Daedalus is able to talk the situation out, and discover that Starfleet command is still under siege, from within it's own leadership.

Admiral Gardner and General Foster have declared martial law, and have initiated a coup d'├ętat to take control of the United Earth government. With the president, and Captain Pierce behind bars, It come down to the dedication of a few brave souls to stand up to the unified might of Starfleet and the MACOs. After a long, drawn out Civil War on Earth, Admiral Gardner is killed, and General Foster escapes unscathed. The President is returned to power, and her first executive order is the immediate installation of Walter Pierce as the head of Starfleet Command.

Meanwhile, on Daedalus, A bold enemy is about to be taken on, and Daedalus is going to need some help.

Talks aren't going very well, but eventually all of the representatives come together, and are faced with a terrifying foe The "Orion Vessel" is faster, stronger and more maneuverable than any one previously seen by Daedalus something seems off about this ship...

Never the less, Daedalus is able to find a hole, and discover the station hidden within a large shielded nebula. The hosts one conscious soul, Doctor Sylis - Daedalus' former Chief Medical officer, and Saboteur. (Not to mention, smiling Vulcan). Sylis gives up without a struggle, but the crew unearth a big secret. The station houses hundreds of stasis pods, all with high profile government officials from Andoria, Vulcan, Tellar, Quonos, and Earth among others.

Sylis has been cloning, and replacing high ranking members of various governments for some nefarious scheme - presumably at ''The Director's" orders. Still, though - "The Director" has not been found.

After coming home, Walter Pierce is lost in a transporter accident, and Daedalus' Chief of the Boat retires after roughly 30 years in space. Most of the stasis victims are slowly being returned to their world, except the only Klingon; who has requested to stay on Daedalus.

The new head of Starfleet Command, the REAL Admiral Richard Gardner, has prepared Daedalus for her first long range mission where no one has gone before. A region of space called the Denorios belt has caught the eye of some higher-ups in the scientific community, and now Daedalus has a chance to chart regions yet unexplored.

Along the way, they uncover a Trill Astronaut, taking her first steps toward exploring the stars, and suffering the price of experimentation. The MACOs onboard find a new home, and establish the first non-orbiting human outpost (Turns out this vessel does have a history though...), and they make first contact with the Bajorans.

During this meeting with the Bajorans, Commander Jeremey Scott was locked into some form of telepathic link with a sacred Bajoran relic, called an "orb"... During this vision, he witnessed the death of his friends, his ship, and a greater coalition of worlds by a race known as the Romulans. He was then warned by an entity calling himself "An Explorer" and warning that what he just witnessed was the future unless something drastic changes.

Coming to, and fueled with this Knowledge, Scott returns to the ship.... to continue her mission.

By June of 2155, the Earth Cargo Authority was starting to lose ships in a region of space known as the Sierra Run. After nearly a month of losses, Starfleet stepped in to investigate. Three Starfleet ships were destroyed during the initial investigation, which lead to Starfleet command establishing heavy patrols in the region. Eventually, however, more losses were counted and the Sierra run was deemed off-limits.

Daedalus was tasked with command of a checkpoint in the Algeron system. This patrol route lead to the discovery of the wreckage of a missing ECA vessel, the Ironman. Shortly after the discovery, a Romulan battlegroup made its presence known, and the cold war started getting hotter.

The Battle of Algeron took its toll on Daedalus, Withdrawing from the fighting, Daedalus retreated to a shipyard near Regulus to undergo a refit and make repairs. After leaving Regulus, Daedalus was sent to investigate a large energy discharge on a planet close to the frontline. They discovered that the inhabitants there were taking their first strides to achieving warp capability. The explosion of their most recent test, was devastating. The ship was transported to orbit, leaving the planet in a thick cloud of nuclear fallout. Daedalus discovered that the inhabitants were only just starting to explore warp technology, because they never needed it before. The Arkellians were able to operate an interplanetary doorway that was built and left behind by an ancient civilization, who once controlled a vast empire in this region of space. The Arkellians, who wished to remain completely neutral in the war (or so they say...) informed Daedalus that the Romulans have access to such a gateway, and they were starting to learn how to use it...

With Daedalus' command structure still recovering from a number of changes that have occurred over the last couple of years, Daedalus found herself in a tricky situation. While P'Trell and Easley investigated the planet of the Arkellians, Doctor Klaw found himself in need to take command of Daedalus, because the Romulans were on approach. Offering suggestions to the young Lieutenant left in charge. Even Klaw's experience wasn't able to handle the force of the Romulans and before long. The Romulans boarded Daedalus. Klaw put on a uniform, and offered himself as the ranking officer aboard; all in an attempt to save the crew, while taking the opportunity to get to know their enemy.

Seeing the most opportune moment he could find, Klaw and Engineer Jack Telford made a break for Sickbay, and began their effort to retake control of the ship. During the course of the Daedalus Occupation, more than 50 crewmembers were murdered by decompressing the cargobay and Tancredi was tortured, and her mental/emotional scars still run deep today. However, by resisting, the crew of Daedalus was able to overpower the Romulans, and send them packing. Shortly after this incident, Klaw was granted a Battlefield commission to Commander, and became the first Klingon in Starfleet. (Please note, Worf is heralded as the first Klingon to graduate from the Academy).

The Battle of Argelius proved to highlight the scars on Daedalus. With Sara Tancredi still recovering from the torture during the Romulan Occupation of the ship, and the lack of a reliable commanding officer, Doctor Klaw was forced to give command to Tancredi citing his inability to lead the ship and heal it at the same time. As the battle raged on, Daedalus' services as artillery support came to call; allowing the coalition forces to retreat with some covering fire.

A short time later, Daedalus was pulled off the line for a special mission. Hercules, Daedalus' sister ship has gone missing near Tholia. Upon arrival, Daedalus was accosted by the Tholians, but eventually permitted to investigate the loss of their comrades. Little evidence was found, but it is believed that survivors are still out there.

Doctor Klaw eventually became a little homesick. After a couple of years away from home Klaw has decided it's time to Face the music and expose the Sylis clone that's operating in the Klingon Empire. Upon returning to H'atoria, Klaw enlisted the aid of his sister and Brother to help make his return to the Klingon Homeworld and plead his case to the high council. After the other Klaw caught wind of this, he made an appearance, and intercepted Daedalus. Pleading his case, claiming to be the real Klaw, The Other Klaw told Daedalus to withdraw, and leave this matter to the Empire. The crew decided to stick with their Klaw, having no reason to believe the other Klaw, and a battle ensued. Meanwhile, Klaw and the away team huddled into a bunker and waited for an opening. Taking his brother's ship, Doctor Klaw made his way through the blockade and made his way to Qo'nos. Shortly upon arrival, Klaw and his brother made their way to the council chambers - where Klaw murdered his brother, the Chancellor, and several councilors before claiming control of the Empire himself - "In the name of the Romulan Star Empire". The Klaw we know was the Syilis clone all along...

Klaw allowed Daedalus to withdraw as a final act of mercy for the people on board, but stated that he won't be as forgiving in the future. Daedalus made her way home, when on the way, she ran into an odd anomaly and her new commanding officer; Robert Xavier Nolan. Nolan used some ancient navigating techniques, essentially utilizing simple magnetism to traverse the void and make their way out.

After a short refit, Daedalus was called to duty again. To aid the MACOS and first responders with the defense of Andoria. The battle immediately proved fierce. Upon Arrival, Nolan assumed command and ordered the MACOS off the surface to mount a new orbital defensive The tactic proved very effective, as the blockade stopped the Romulan advance, and allowed the fleet some breathing room. Until a Modified Warbird came up, utilizing very advanced technology and began decimating the fleet. Three of these warbirds made themselves known, and the defense began to fall. Daedalus sounded the retreat, while buying as much time as possible for evacuations on the surface. The ultimate Defeat lead the coalition forces in shambles, the Romulans within striking distance of Vulcan, Tellar and Earth and Daedalus trapped behind the Romulan line.

A Small amount of additional Background information:

On February 20th, 2155 Major Veronica James led her MACO contingent from the USS Daedalus onto an unknown alien vessel. After Securing the ship, Major James, after consulting with her XO, Hank Patterson and the command staff of the Daedalus, laid claim to the derelict vessel.

The Alien engines are damaged beyond repair, but the defensive systems, and long range sensor abilities are far superior to anything Starfleet has ever encountered before.

On February 28, 2155 MACO HQ, under the command of General Darrel Williams, signed general order 2-28-1013-55, officially acknowledging the Command of Major James, and naming her command "MACO Outpost 1"

Since the start of the war, however - a small team from MACO Outpost 1 has been galloping around the cosmos, knee deep in the fight. The outpost itself is currently being looked after by Lieutenant Colonel Hank Patterson, Veronica James' former XO.

As for the Valkyrie Crew, the small dropship has been a home for the small crew now, for almost a full year.

One more little tidbit

On December 18th, 2154 - a 30 year UESPA/Starfleet Veteran officially retired from service.

What happened next,  became the greatest adventure in his career.

The Elusive, and extremely covert organization called Section 31 enlisted the aid of a number of former advisers and operatives - on a mission to uncover some answers about some strange activity in Tholian Space. Rick Peters was placed in command.

Turns out, the mission was designed to fail. Section 31 used this as a method to return Dr. Sylis to "The Director", and take a number of "loose threads" out of the picture at the same time.

Peters had other plans...

Since December of 2155, Rick Peters and a few survivors from the failed mission, have taken up arms aboard a ship out of time and out of space.

The ISS Defiant comes from nearly 100 years in the future, from an alternate universe where barbarism, and war are a daily occurrence on Earth.

This ship is a valuable commodity to many unscrupulous people throughout the galaxy - but for the time being, it is the home of a displaced crew, and some liberated Slaves.


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Notes on the Rank Set:

The rank set was established using the pay grade/NATO designations. The Following Chart will demonstrate the ranks. So, if you're a lieutenant, you'd set your rank using the rank grade of the columns below - ie /rank o3 command, of if you're a petty officer (3rd Class) you'd set your rank with /rank e4

Notes on the Model Set:

Ultimate Edition has been released with a very old version of the expanse models (Which only included a handful of male models). As a result, you'll definitely need to download the model pack (when it becomes available).

You'll also want to make sure that you avoid any possible model problems by deleting any old versions of the expanse models (expanse_males, expanse_models 1.5, etc etc) The upcoming release will override itself as I work to finish the model list.

Notes on the Map:

For the first season (atleast) the map will be a growing work in progress... as a result, there will be periodic updates that you will need to download in order to participate in the upcoming episodes (You will be notified of new releases). Every subsequent release will override the previous ones.

Notes on RPG-X's model deficit:

Sadly, RPG-X has a problem... when using Alien races. There aren't many non-Starfleet Alien models available. As a result, we need to make do.

For the most part, the following races will be represented by these available RPG-X models (More to be added as needed):

Denobulan - Imperial3
Tellarite - Malon
Reman - Hirogen
And, for the good of canon. Romulans (unless specifically noted) - Spartan.


*Update* Model pack is setup in the Onedrive folder, please have this downloaded and ready to roll :) (Every Model on the roster is included in this pack... and then some :P)


* Very Important Update* The First Alpha of the Map has been included in the Download Link above. - This is required for the second half of the RP today.

Please be so kind as to report Bugs/issues in this thread: http://www.last-outpost.net/forum/index.php/topic,8223.0.html

Martin Thompson

Do the ranks also go in BaseEF or in RPG-X2?


I think either way works, it just depends on how you wish to organize your folders :)


*UPDATED* New Daedalus Release!!!!!!

Make sure you download!



I discovered the reason behind a complaint made last week about a notex skybox on the map.....

I included a sky image named sky09, but the shader file was looking for sky28....

I just updated the name of the sky files from 09 to 28, this should fix the issue - please re-download (unless you think you're up for fixing it yourself...)


Updated Information is on it's way - please be patient :)


Updated to include a brief overview of events through Season 1 (With links to episodes)


Update: Added Valkyrie to my Daedalus Folder on OneDrive

If you haven't downloaded it yet, you better!



Rank set has been updated to allow the MACO ranks to be usable for every class

simply add an "m" to the normal rank command (eg me1, mo4, gen1)

redownload Daedalus_ranks, and it should replace itself :)


Be aware, I have uploaded a new version of the rank set!

I strongly suggest that you all give it a download :D


Updated Information:

The Damaged Daedalus map has been uploaded to my onedrive folder. Feel free to grab it.

It's not perfect - but it'll work for next week :)


Disclaimer: I did not create the models - or anything - all I did was compiled them for use in RPG-X.

I included an optional file named NX-Weapons_mod. This pk3 file takes the Phase Pistol and Compression Rifle from the Elite Force NX-01 Mod - and sets it for use in RPG-X.

This .Pk3 MUST be placed in the RPG-X2 Folder in order to take effect..

All it does is replace the standard Phaser and phaser rifle skin for their 22nd Century Counterparts.

I may work to improve it as time goes on.