Peters, Richard Andrew III - Deceased

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Name: Richard (Rick) Andrew Peters III
Date of Birth: June 5th, 2103
Age: 51
Race: Human (Terran)
Place of Birth: Austin,Texas, North America, Earth
Gender: Male

Rank: Master Chief Petty Officer
Current Assignment: Chief of the Boat aboard the USS Daedalus
Date of North American Coalition Navy Enlistment: June 5th, 2121
Date of United Earth Space Probe Agency Enlistment: June 5th, 2125
Date of Starfleet Enlistment: October 12th, 2135 (When the Merger between Starfleet and UESPA Occurred)
Previous Assignments: Junior Nuclear Engineer, USS  Enterprise (North American Coalition Aircraft Carrier)
                                         Junior Engineer, Daedalus (UESPA)
                                         Assistant Chief Engineer, Daedalus (UESPA)
                                         Chief Engineer, Daedalus (UESPA/Starfleet)
                                         Basic Training Drill Instructor, Starfleet Training Yards (During Daedalus' Refit)
Biographical Information: Richard Andrew Peters III was born in Austin Texas on June 5th, 2103. Raised on Fort Hood, he was born into a Military Family. Peters spent most of his life moving from one posting to another and spent a great deal of time being 'the man of the house' while his father was on deployment. On the dawn of his 18th birthday, A young, hot headed Rick Peters walked out of his last high school class, and went to a recruitment facility near Washington DC. His parents believed that Rick was going to enlist into the Army, like his Father and Grandfather before him. After speaking with each of the recruiters, Peters decided that his future would best be served in the Navy.

Outraged, his father disowned him. Peters had no contact with his father until his 22nd Birthday. When his father led the family welcome wagon after the Arctic Campaign.

After four years in the navy, Peter's tour of duty was up and he was being hounded for re-enlistment. His captain pulled him and a handful of other promising crew members into the Enterprise's Mess Hall to meet with a representative from the new United Earth. This rep offered each of them a chance to go where no one has gone before, and to seal the deal - A surprise Guest Appearance by Zefram Cochrane challenged Peters' perception of the world, and had him wondering about what was out there. Peters signed on with the United Earth Space Probe Agency right there,

Peters was given a pass from most of the standard training due to his service in the Navy, however he was trained for zero gravity, G force shear, and assorted other bits that were deemed necessary by UESPA. After basic, Peters was given his old rank, Petty Officer, First Class and was assigned to the Valiant. The story that follows has never been fully verified, but there are some who attest that it did happen, and seeing as Peters never spent a day on the Valiant...: Peters stood there, and stared at the messenger with a grim look, then looked over his shoulder at the Daedalus. Peters kindly informed the officer that he must be mistaken, His ship is the Daedalus. After several minutes of back and forth, to which the officer began quoting regulations and spouting off valid responses pertaining to not being able to choose where you're assigned; A Captain, who overheard the ordeal, walked in, glanced at Peters' file and shook his hand, welcoming him aboard.

Peters served as an Engineer on the Daedalus, and was present when the ship broke warp 1.5, a milestone of the day. He fell in love with the ship, and some say, he could be heard talking to it at times. Peters stuck with Daedalus through his entire career in UESPA, making it through the ranks until he was promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer and was made the Chief Engineer. After 14 years of Military Service, Peters contemplated retiring. The merger between The United Earth Space Probe Agency and Starfleet gave him an opportunity to leave, The recent death of his father made life hard on his aging mother, and he had contemplated taking care of her. But she knew life on earth would never be enough for him now, so she convinced him to give Starfleet a chance.

Starfleet was beginning construction of the Ganges class starships, and starting to break ground on the Warp 5 complex When talks first started about decommissioning the DY-100, 200, and 500 Class Ships, Peters was happy that he never stepped on the Valiant (a DY-200). Finding starfleet life as close to his old Naval life as he could have hoped, Peters loved it. He thrived and ran his engine room efficiently and effectively. Daedalus went on to be the first Starship to achieve a stable speed of Warp 2.5, a milestone which Commander Archer, one of the pilots of the NX-Beta, personally congratulated them for.

Many of the Modifications made on the Daedalus' Engines were utilized by the Warp 5 program to counter a number of issues pertaining to overheating, and reactor instability - Peters felt a great deal of satisfaction having helped, at least indirectly with the warp 5 program.

In late 2151, Daedalus returned to Jupiter Station for Decommission. Peters began winding down his career in preparation for retirement. He helped oversee the decommission plans, and assisted in crew reassignments for the entire ship. Either due to Red tape, or just a lack of desire to completely dismantle the old girl, Daedalus stood in dock, mostly in tact for nearly 2 years. Peters went on to become a Drill Instructor on earth, and trained more than 500 upcoming Starfleet Officers and Enlisted Personnel.

Peters' Retirement was official when the Xindi Attack occurred The crisis reactivated a number of recent retirees, and honorable discharges, and Peters was among them. Having been retired for 3 months, he didn't leave much behind, bust as ordered Peters returned to Jupiter Station and began to oversee the refit of the Daedalus.

After being introduced by Admiral Forrest to Commander Walter Pierce, He was asked to serve on the Daedalus again, this time as the Chief of the Boat.


After 20 years in Starfleet, Richard Andrew Peters III retired. Presently, he lives alone in a small Cabin in Montana. We here at Starfleet command wish Rick the best. As per his retirement, this File is hereby closed.

(But we all know... he isn't in the cabin - we'll see him next season! and uncover more about the mysterious benefactor...)


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The following Record is supplied by Section 31, under the most stringent of Security protocols

For S31 Ops Only

Rick Peters was tagged for a suicide mission in Tholian Space. The hope was to destroy all inactive Operatives in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, Many of these people survived - and are now roaming space in a Starship from 100 years ahead of us...

At this time, Rick Peters and the crew of the ISS Defiant, NCC 1764 - should be considered extremely dangerous. And should be dealt with at the most opportune moment...