Star Trek: Lightborn application (Lipton and Brent)

Started by Scott Archer, March 28, 2016, 07:36:40 pm

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Scott Archer

The first of our SRPs through the new application process, we will confirm a pilot date for this soon!
Watch this space!

Star Trek: Lightborn
In a small secluded system in an obscure sector, Starfleet intelligence found an unusual planet with strange energy readings: energy that seemed to be capable of independent thought. After further investigation, it was discovered that the agents had been followed by the counterpart agencies of the Romulan and Klingon Empires. Knowing the terrible stakes this could bring if the situation was mishandled, an agreement was reached - a station would be built above the planet and a coalition from all three agencies would investigate the planet equally - none hiding anything from any other faction.

As a member of your race's intelligence division, you have been asked to join this team, and all you have been told is that their may be a great power source or some sort of force of energy on the planet which you need to investigate and keep under wraps with the other two empires. Everything is strictly on a need to know basis until you have been briefed at the station.
Time Slot: A pilot slot on Saturday or Sunday - not weekdays please.
Running Time: 1hr per episode.

Files: For maps, these will be jul38, crescent, villa, stnh_stmodas, and rpo_defiant. More maps may come in later but we will give players 3 days notice if that is the case. We have not figured out the music yet but it will mostly be from RPG-XUE files.

Election Watch and IA Assistant

Telex Ferra

Scott and I are actively discussing a pilot time and will have one to you all in the next day or two. :)


Sheia K'Ress


I am so, so sorry I could not make it! There was a power outage in my area! :(


Despite the power outage, the RP was ran well when I was gone (see the feedback thread). I have adapted my plans for where to go from here and it will be a minor, seamless adjustment. Please note that I did not make crew applications deliberately. I have plans for positions but didn't want to post them until I was sure the pilot would be picked up.