State of Development - 5/1/2016

Started by Telex Ferra, May 01, 2016, 05:09:07 pm

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Telex Ferra

Hello everyone,

While I've been on LOA, I've had a lot of time to sit with my computer and continue working on the RPG-X source code. I'm excited to announce quite a few improvements that we have made in the last week that you can expect to see in our first release.

Stability Improvements

Multiple error-prone lines of code have been modified to prevent crashes from dereferencing null pointers. This will mean a general decrease of signal 11 (SIGSEGV) errors and outright crashing.

Dreadnaught Map Fixes

The most recent release of RPG-X crashes on the server when loading maps dn3, dn4, dn5, and dn6. The error causing this crash has been found and corrected.

Model Menu Performance Improvements

Everyone knows how much a pain-in-the-ass the model menu can be; you click to open the model menu and the game stalls for up to ten seconds. Many of you complained that the time required to open the menu is highly disruptive to your RPing, especially when you need to make a quick and dramatic model change in a key scene. This issue has been resolved.

In our current development build of RPG-X, the model menu opens instantly.

What's Next?

Martin and I plan to continue working on stability improvements. Martin is beginning to clean up the code by removing conditional inclusion of lua. From now on, lua will always be compiled in with RPG-X, and removed conditional inclusion will make the code much easier to read. As for myself, I intend to start modifying the default values of the game's cvars to pick defaults that are more geared towards RPG-X. For instance, vm_ui, vm_game, vm_cgame should all default to 0, fs_game should default to RPG-X2. Martin and I are not developing holomatch, we are developing RPG-X and that will continue to reflect in our improvements and design philosophy.

Jack Telford