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Started by Scott Archer, October 06, 2016, 06:52:54 pm

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Scott Archer

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SRP Name: Earth: Colonial Core

SRP Description:  On October 23rd 2032, Humanity expanded out into the cosmos, breaking out of the shackles that had held their civilization down for centuries. Exploring new worlds, and expanding out onto brave frontiers, the Human race soon came to discover that they were not alone in the Galaxy.

In only a few short months, a bloody war erupted within the depths of space. Thousands of men, women, and children had come victim to the conflict, soon known to history as the "Homecoming War'. The people of Earth soon came to realize that without proper means of defense, they would be left sitting in the empty void of space - prey to any creature that may decide to pass by.

It is now the year 2122, nearly a century after the conflict that had driven Humanity to build their defenses and fight to protect themselves. In an attempt to further increase their influence within the open galaxy, an organization known as the United Earth Colonial Marines (UECM) was created - taking to the stars in order to prove their tactical prowess; and to prove that the Human race is no longer a species to be trifled with...

Episode Length: 1hr 30min

Subform layout (should the SRP be commissioned): Archived Episodes, LoA Requests, Personnel Records

Maps: DY-100A RPG V2 (Can't remember the specific map name format), rpg_crashsite

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Hello all!

I've taken the liberty of creating a roster for the Pilot. Please know that the roles listed below (aside from the ones under "Guest Stars") are permanent. I suggest using a character you do not usually main, or create a new one entirely for the series.

Please apply with the format listed below:
3 Most Desired Positions:
Are you able to make the time slot:
Character Backstory:

Squad Leader:
Matthew Hicks - Kray - Marine Major
Marine Captain: Alex Renner - Renner - Marine Captain
Marine Gunner (Tactical Expert): Richard Xandra - Pelletier - Marine First Lieutenant
Marine Technician (Engineering Expert): Robert Quinn - Pasty - Marine Second Lieutenant
Marine Doctor (Medical Expert): Name - Model - Private First Class
Android Advisor: AU-3 - Lore - No Rank

Crash Survivor: Name - Model - No Rank
Unknown Life Form: ??? - Harvester - No Rank

Jack Telford

Name: Robert Quinn
Model: Pasty
3 Most Desired Positions:  Marine Technician
Are you able to make the time slot: Hopefully
Character Backstory: TBA


Name: Alex Renner
Model: Renner
1 Most Desired Position: Marine Captain.
Are you able to make the time slot: Yeah
Character Backstory: N/A

Stay At Home, Be Safe, Save Lives, Wear a Mask


Name: AU-3 (Damien Smith for a human)
Model: Data (Odell for a human)
Top Choice: Android Advisor. 2nd Choice: Marine Doctor. Third Choice: Unknown Life Form
Timeslot: Yep!
Backstory: None yet

Scott Archer

Name: Richard Xandra
Model: Pelletier
3 Most Desired Positions: Marine Gunner or either guest star position
Are you able to make the time slot: Depends on running date, but probablu
Character Backstory: [TBC]

Election Watch and IA Assistant

Scott Archer

Election Watch and IA Assistant