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Author Topic: October Promotions and Awards  (Read 345 times)


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October Promotions and Awards
« on: November 05, 2017, 06:10:05 am »

Here I am proud to present promotions and awards for October 2017.

Rapid_Starr has been promoted to the rank of Recruit

Ramsey has been promoted to the rank of Provisional Officer


This month, Grizz brought Star Trek: Asteroid Field to its long anticipated conclusion. For her efforts drawing the ten year Accobar saga to a close, Grizz is hereby awarded the Jean-Luc Picard Command Cross, and the Outstanding Serial Role Play Award.

For their contributions to this final season, the following members are also awarded the Outstanding Serial Role Play Award:
Martin Thompson
Mutatio Nomen

Andzzy also receives the Creativity Commendation.

Congratulations to everyone issued with a promotion, or in receipt of an award. I’m sure I can speak for the entire community when I extend to you our gratitude for your contributions.

As ever, if any member wishes to nominate another for an award (see list of possible awards here), please send me a PM, with a little accompanying text covering why you nominated them. Any member is welcome to do this at any time, and they can be added to the month’s list.

Whether you’ve received new pips on your collar or not this month, you may feel like a change in colour. Tired of your uniform colour? Make a request to change it here.

Until next month,
Head of Internal Affairs, The Last Outpost

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