Star Trek Discovery side-plot

Started by Ryan Stokes, November 14, 2017, 03:32:14 pm

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Ryan Stokes

So as we all know, Discovery is an actively produced Star Trek series right now.
They've got several episodes now, and we have (sort of) a foundation on the main story. I won't say anything specific to avoid spoilers.

I don't know if this has been tried before, but I thought it'd be cool to give it a shot.
Every Sunday a new Discovery episode comes out. I kept thinking, why not make our own side-plot? Maybe another ship or something that follows the real-time developed story, but from a different perspective? After each new episode, it gives us almost a week to plan ours, which we could do on Saturday. The next day, a new Discovery episode with more of the actual story ... rinse and repeat.

I understand this may be winging it a bit (and of course planning might be a little more difficult as we would be confined to another entity's developing story, and with limited time) but it sounded cool to me.



That would be nice, especially if we had the Discovery era unis in RPG-X, I would create them if I could, I have no experience with these thought. :P

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Scott Archer

If you want to put something together and shoot me and Shoot a PM that sounds great!

There are some limitations map and uniform wise though

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I'd be happy to take a crack at making some Disco uniforms if this is something people are interested in.

Although it has been, like, a decade and a half since I was regularly doing texture stuff for EF, so I'm a little fuzzy on where some of the assets are in the game data.

Are custom uniforms a difficult thing to integrate into RPG-X? Or is it much like dropping a custom .pk3 into OG Elite Force?

Scott Archer

Just dropping a pk3 in, very few people actively make uniforms and stuff now, so if you would like to take a crack at the discovery ones then that would be awesome!

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Cool. It's on my list. Day job has me working late tonight but I'll start cracking later this week. :)

This also reminds me that I made models of all the Discovery deltas for 3D printing and only ever printed one... Something else to add to the list. :p