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Author Topic: The Last Outpost Presents - The All-In-One Weekend!  (Read 888 times)


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The Last Outpost Presents - The All-In-One Weekend!
« on: April 23, 2018, 07:35:30 pm »

Hello everyone! As most of the seasoned members will know, we try to hold community events at frequent intervals throughout the year in order to consolidate all of our games as well as to bring everyone together and to let people trial all of the games we play to see if they're interested in getting involved! This year we will be having our first such Community Day Weekend event starting this Friday, April 27th and ending on Sunday, April 29th! While we don't have a full roster of events just yet (but you should check back throughout the week as I'll be putting the events here as they're received!), I can tell you that there will indeed be the regular events such as Holomatch, and a variety config to make things a little more interesting than just plain CTF! If you have any suggestions for events please feel free to drop a PM with any of our division leaders or myself. Stay tuned throughout the week for a full event roster and I hope to see everyone there!


Star Trek Online: Welcome to the Colony!
Time: Friday (4/27) at 5:30 PM ET/10:30 PM GMT+1
Estimated Length: 2 hours

Join The Last Outpost fleet in a celebrated tour of our recently christened Tier 3 Fleet Colony World. After the festivities subside, join us for a Fleet Colony Invasion Simulation at the Holding! For more info, read about the Fleet Colony Simulation here:
Holomatch Extravaganza!
Time: Friday (4/27) at 2:30 PM EDT/7:30 PM BST
Estimated Length: 2.5 hours

Join us as we delve into our weekly fragfest! Instead of straight old CTF, we'll be mixing it up with various styles to keep things fresh and interesting. Come prepared to have a lot of fun and as always, set phasers to frag!

Star Trek Online: Fleet Actions!
Time: Saturday (4/28) at 4PM ET/9 PM GMT+1
Estimated Length: 2 hours

Join The Last Outpost fleet once again for a special fleet gathering at the Fleet Colony World. All characters are welcome. You may be required to bring a Level 60 for PvE queues. After we celebrate by goofing around a bit, we will be running the following fleet events:

Armada wide Starbase Fleet Defense! (FED, Level 60 required)
The Big Dig
Breaking The Planet
Dranuur Beach Assault

And to round off STO, there will be a Member's Choice Fleet or PvE queue!
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December. Cheer for everyone!
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