Star Trek: Next Generation Pilot (by Little3st4r/ Alnod)

Started by Scott Archer, September 03, 2018, 12:42:22 pm

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Scott Archer

The name of your series: Star trek: Next Generation
A summary of the story arc:  to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. it  going to be custom Lore after the last TNG film and I going to have Lore Char's and this a contination if like it was comeing back for S8
A rough estimate of average episode length: 1hour
SRP timeslot: Saturday at 16:0pedt/ 21:00 bst)
Any special server settings you think you might need: need admin for music
Any special subforum layout considerations for your SRP: archives, or episode threads or crew bios etc. for the subforum and will be going to make a discord for the SRP like the others
Any maps, music packs, and other files you will be using for the SRP: Map: Starbase315 is the E1 map. Enterprise-E-V2 is the main map for ship things. Music Packs: ALL of the Star trek: Next Generation Music's if able. Other Files: other Files to do with Star trek: Next Generation

Election Watch and IA Assistant


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                                                                                    crew manifest

Commanding Officer: Jean-Luc Picard (played by Me)

Executive Officer: William Riker (played by N/A)

2nd Officer/Chief Operations Officer: LTCO Data (played by N/A. Alose note you need to kown A LOT of TNG lore and some/good star trek lore to play this lore char)

Chief Flight Control Officer: N/A

Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer: N/A

Chief Security/Tactical Officer: LTCO Worf (played by N/A)

Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer: N/A

Assistant Chief Operations Officer: N/A

Chief Engineering Officer: LT Geordi La Forge (played by N/A)

Assistant Chief Engineering Officer: N/A

Chief Science Officer: N/A

Assistant Chief Science Officer: N/A

Chief Medical Officer: Beverly Crusher (played by N/A}

Assistant Chief Medical Officer: N/A

Ship's Counselor: Deanna Troi (played by N/A)

Please apply (non Lore) below using the following format:

Character Name:

Character Model:

Desired Position:

Second Desired Position:

Third Desired Position:

Please apply (Lore) below using the following format:

Desired Lore Position:

Second Desired Lore Position:

Third Desired Lore Position:

DO you understand that by applying for Data you need to kown a lot about TNG lore:

*NOTE* you Will need to kown A LOT of TNG lore and some/good star trek lore to apply for Data

*NOTE* if you do not apply or all is full then you can still join as a Crewman (Guest) if you do so your rank will be ENS.

pls Join the SRP Discord for Rules and so on.