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 on: Yesterday at 05:56:26 pm 
Started by Scott Archer - Last post by Scott Archer
The crew go on their first mission from Asteria. They are beamed aboard the Enterprise in 2257 following it's encounter with one of the red signals.
Enterprise is waiting for tow ships to arrive to take them to space dock to be repaired but several members of the skeleton crew have come down with acute cases of Temporal Psychosis due to an unknown temporal anomaly.

Beaming aboard Enterprise, the crew splits up with Savage and Okane going to investigate the ship's databanks and Dulmur and Tate heading to sickbay to investigate those suffering.

The databanks prove to be useless as they and the ships sensors failed during Enterprise's encounter with the signal. Meanwhile in sickbay, Tate starts working on the patients (who in their temporal psychosis can see him) whilst Dulmur goes to the bridge and investigates.

Using their tricorders, Savage and Okane find a chroniton trail leading to the anomaly - it is embeded in Enterprise's warp core. Dulmur joins them and reveals that the tow ships have arrived and are preparing to tractor Enterprise - they have about 30 mins. They discover that the anomaly is feeding on Enterprise's reduced warp output and is growing rapidly. Should she go to warp, the anomaly will expand and destroyed or displace all 3 ships.

With Ardoxx left behind due to a nasty case of the Rigellian flu, it comes down to Savage, Okane and Dulmur to find a solution. They eventually come up with one and use one of Enterprise's warp shuttles and it's more powerful warp core (due to Enterprise's damage) to form an anti-chroniton field and attract the anomaly away.
However this solution will kill the 12 officers aboard with cases of acute temporal psychosis. Savage decides to execute the plan anyway due to the time restriction, much to the anger of Tate.

The shuttle isn't powerful enough to maintain the anti-chroniton field and starts coming apart. Tate beams the crew away just as the anomaly collides with the shuttle, annihilating both.

The Ariana crew beam back to Asteria - Tate still angry storms out and heads to sickbay. Okane goes after him.

Meanwhile, Echo fleet command have decided that Savage needs to know about the 'Secret of Asteria.' Blake takes Savage down to a hidden part of the station, disguised as the LAIS and computer core. The 'secret' is an artefact which is essentially an ancient prison - and it houses an even more ancient prisoner. A member of a species who once controlled much of the Milky Way. It is a Shedai…
Savage hears the words 'NO BELONG' multiple times before succumbing to the pain and collapsing.

 on: Yesterday at 09:21:48 am 
Started by Scott Archer - Last post by Scott Archer
Season Three | Episode Three | Adrift

Episode Director: S. Archer

Required Maps: Asteria Pack and rpg_tosship

The crew may be back in the right timeline, but as they settle into their temporary homes aboard Station Asteria, their mission is far from over...

If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,9728.msg71349.html#new

 on: February 16, 2019, 10:32:55 am 
Started by Grizz - Last post by Grizz
Another banger. This show is so cool and really does have a mix of all the primary elements of each previous series - science/exploration/religion/politics - wrapped in a modern formula which works. This season Anson Mount in particular is killing it - thought I would miss Jason Isaacs, but what a replacement to have.

Next week's episode looks delightful, too.

 on: February 10, 2019, 06:08:31 pm 
Started by Callum603 - Last post by Callum603
Episode two follow the crew as they arrived an board station Asteria, a station that they remember being destroyed two years prior during one of their missions.

After debriefing Admiral Jackson on their adventures, Savage brings up this small factor of Asteria's destruction, Jackson assures them they got it wrong and Asteria was only heavily damaged and has undergone a refit in the two years since.

Ariana has been temporarily decommissioned for a much need refit and repair, the crew of the Ariana have been assigned to Asteria to resume their temporal duties.

 on: February 09, 2019, 03:13:51 pm 
Started by Grizz - Last post by Scott Archer
That episode had TOS vibes, TNG vibes, Voyager vibes and best of all - Discovery vibes.

It was awesome!

So theories - who or what is the red angel? I'm still betting on Iconian despite what Dendo and Radio said - it's like they stole them straight from STO and added wings. Also from STO - ever noticed the similarities between Kelpiens and the Deferi? They look vaguely similar and both believe in 'the balance.'

 on: February 09, 2019, 05:32:16 am 
Started by Grizz - Last post by Grizz
This show is starting to fire on all cylinders.

 on: February 08, 2019, 09:03:40 pm 
Started by Callum603 - Last post by Callum603
Season three premiere saw Ariana's chief medical officer, James Tate fight for control of the TISS Ariana as TIA (Temporal Investigations Assistant) assumed command of the ship as per her programming.

Captain Savage, Commander Dulmur, Commander Okane, and the engineering team on the planets surface were stranded as TIA jumped the Ariana before they were able to beam back aboard.  TIA, refusing to turn around, left the Ariana's command staff for dead.

In a surprise twist, Kajan rescued the away team, placing them in the Epoch's transporter buffers and placing them back on board Ariana without explanation.  Savage wasn't happy with this and wanted answers, why did Kajan, someone who wanted Savage dead, save him?  Hell bent on getting his answers Savage runs the temporal drive above specified limits, with two drives operating so close to each other and Ariana being the smaller of the two, Ariana was flung off into the time stream as her temporal core began an emergency shutdown.

Shortly after confirming they were all in one piece, the crew realise they have somehow made it back to 2440, their drop location exactly where they left one year prior, with only two differences, TIA or the drives safety protocols compensated for their absence and placed them roughly one year after they left and this time, the USS Enterprise was there waiting...

 on: February 08, 2019, 08:51:47 pm 
Started by Callum603 - Last post by Callum603
Season Three | Episode Two | Home

Episode Director: C. Jackson

Required Maps: ariana, Asteria Pack

After close to one year leaping through time, Captain Oscar Savage and his crew have finally made it back to the year 2439.  Ariana has taken a beating and Savage's attempt to chase Kajan didn't help matters, Ariana is ordered to report to a familiar station where a surprise awaits them.

If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,9728.msg71349.html#new

 on: February 03, 2019, 03:25:56 pm 
Started by Callum603 - Last post by Callum603
Manifest updated for season 3.

 on: February 03, 2019, 03:08:07 pm 
Started by Callum603 - Last post by Callum603
Season Three | Episode One | Left Behind

Episode Director: C. Jackson & S. Archer

Required Maps: ariana

Captain Savage, Commander Dulmur, & Lt. Cmdr. Okane have been left behind on the planet.  These three officers are the only three who are able to override TIA using Savage's new program, leaving Ariana unable to assist.

If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,9728.msg71349.html#new

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