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Started by Grizz, July 31, 2019, 12:07:58 PM

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Originally created by Ubergames as a modification for Raven Software's game Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, RPG-X has evolved to become one of the best Star Trek universe roleplaying games available. There are no predetermined missions, campaigns, or goals. Instead, in many ways a digital spin on the classic tabletop roleplaying game format, RPG-X is a massive, customizable sandbox that gives you the tools to create, run, and participate in your own Star Trek roleplays in a way not available in any other game.

With permission from CBS and Raven Software, The Last Outpost is able to provide Star Trek: RPG-X as a full, free, standalone game - featuring the compiled works of hundreds of map creators and artists, giving roleplayers and storytellers alike the biggest toolkit possible for their multiplayer adventures. A two-player trip in a Runabout? You can do that. A 32-player epic quest aboard the Enterprise-E? You can do that. Unlocking the secrets of the universe on the Federation's most advanced science station? You can do that. A jaunt with smugglers and rogues in a rickety old rust-bucket at the edge of the galaxy? Yep. You can do that, too.

With a wide variety of maps, models and skins to choose from, Star Trek: RPG-X allows you to create the character you want to play and play in the world that you want to play in. Want to change your name or appearance? You can do that in seconds without having to leave the game. Want to change to a different setting? You can call a vote for the server's players to choose your next destination. The well documented, convenient, robust server and client-side tools courtesy of a heavily modified Quake 3 engine allow you to tailor the experience for both yourself and those around you. Administrator tools allow you to place special effects and emoting NPCs throughout the map. You can simulate ship damage, alter the gravity, requisite additional tools or weapons for your characters and others. You can even create your own soundtrack and share it with your friends to play on the server at your command - depending on the scene. RPG-X also comes with a wide range of built-in sound effects that can be played server-wide at your leisure.

Whether leading a roleplay yourself or just participating in one, Star Trek: RPG-X aims to give you the most fun and immersive roleplaying experience possible in the Star Trek universe.

Firstly, if you haven't already done so, you will want to download Star Trek: RPG-X HERE. RPG-X Ultimate Edition is the full experience - containing virtually every mod and file dependency a new player could possibly need, with the exception of file requirements specific to some of our Serial Roleplays (more on those below) - and the highly rated Asteria Pack by GriffinEndurance. We highly recommend that Ultimate Edition be your download of choice. But, for those with less bandwidth of available space, our Standard Edition installer will provide you with what you need to get going and kick start your Star Trek roleplaying career!

Once you have installed RPG-X and launch the client, you will be given the option to customize your character at the Main Menu. Once you have settled on a name, class, rank and other details such as physical appearance (remember, you can change these on-the-fly), head to 'Online Roleplay.'

In days gone by you would have been able to select 'Search for Server' and navigated to an RPG-X server of your choosing (ideally, ours!). However, the master server is currently unavailable and we are in the process of seeking to configure a new one. But we'll keep you posted on that.

For now, if you wish to join The Last Outpost's RPG-X Servers, head to 'Specify Server' and enter either of our server addresses:

spicy.last-outpost.net is our primary server - this should be your first port of call!

london.last-outpost.net will take your to our secondary server hosted by our friends and allies and Earth's Elite.

For specific events and roleplays, keep an eye on the forums to find out on which server they will be taking place. Alternatively, join us on our Discord - where you will find other members to coordinate with or just to have a bit of a chinwag. We won't bite, so come and say hello!

Serial Roleplays are generally what you might expect given the name. Regular, weekly, roleplays which more often than not follow a narrative - either heavily serialized like Star Trek: Discovery or in the looser episodic fashion of The Next Generation. A 'season' of a Serial Roleplay can last anything up to ten episodes or more. We also run mSRPs (mini Serial Roleplays) which generally run for up to six episodes if a longer commitment isn't possible. If regular roleplaying action is what you're looking for, then seeking to join a Serial Roleplay might well be for you. Head on over to the Serial Roleplays forum to see what series are currently running - though this post will also be updated with the currently active series:

Star Trek: Temporal Leap (SRP) - by Callum Jackson and Scott Archer - Sundays @ 20:30BST / 15:30EST - ABOUT THIS SRP
Star Trek: Tyrella (mSRP) - by Grizz and Criminula - Sundays @ 18:30BST / 13:30ST - ABOUT THIS mSRP

Perhaps just reading about the possibilities has got the creative juices flowing and you yourself are interested in creating your own Serial Roleplay. If you have the interest and commitment to run a scheduled roleplay on a regular basis, check out the details of what you need to do to submit your idea HERE. But you don't have to start big. If you just want to schedule a standalone roleplay of your own, feel free to set a time and date and promote your idea in the Roleplaying Lobby!

Keep an eye on the RPG-X boards for other weekly events which may be taking place and give you an opportunity to jump straight in to the action. As previously mentioned, you are more than welcome to join the Discord or head to the Roleplaying Lobby to seek other members to join you on the server at any time of day, any day of the week. We can give you the tools and point you in the direction of some TLO activties, but ultimately what you do with Star Trek: RPG-X is up to you! But most importantly - share it with all of your Star Trek friends, IRL and online! We want to share this product with as many new players as possible, and we rely on our members to get the word out! So send them here and recruit them to your crew! If you really want to get fancy, introduce them to the RPG-X Companion Skill System, designed by Serris, for a truly unique roleplaying experience using this amazing little game.

We'll be seeing you on the Bridge. Good luck out there!