The Last Outpost is a casual gaming community founded in 2010 out of a desire to create a common-sense gaming community focused on fun and governed fairly by a leadership accountable to the members

What The Last Outpost is:

We are a friendly group of veteran and novice gamers and roleplayers alike who enjoy playing RPG-X, Minecraft, and Star Trek: Online. Read more about the games we play.

We are a community run by and for fans of Star Trek, a tolerant and welcoming community where everyone has an equal voice. Read more about how we govern.

What The Last Outpost is not:

We are not a hierarchy. Our ranks are a recognition of time served, and contribution to the community, rather than power or prestige.

We are not competitive. While everyone here strives to be the best roleplayer and gamer they can be, we encourage members to lend each other a helping hand when they need it and our staff is always available to help you.

We are not a traditional gaming clan. We don't compete against other groups and we don't ban you from joining other gaming communities or clans. Read more about the Code of Conduct that every member must follow.

Now that you know the basics about our group, dive in! Join an SRP, hop into a forum discussion, or level up with us in STO. The choice is yours.

Welcome to The Last Outpost.