There are several different groups of people you should be aware of at TLO: the President, the Cabinet, Server Administrators, and Game Commanders.

The President

TLO’s President is the single executive force behind TLO. He or she is tasked with our day-to-day operations, and making sure things run smoothly. You will know who the President is on the forums by looking for their purple colored name.

The Cabinet

TLO’s Cabinet is tasked with the group’s long term success and serves as the group’s legislative body. At TLO, we prefer to give our members as much autonomy as possible, so the cabinet only handles large decisions that affect the entire group and disciplinary decisions. Every division CO and XO is a member of the cabinet, as well as the heads of the Academy, Technical Department, and Media & Marketing Department.

Server Administrators

Server Administrators at TLO serve in all our server-based games, and are tasked with enforcing our rules in-game. These people may differ from game to game, but will be members of the staff groups for that game (at the bottom of the forum index).

Game Commanders

Our Game Commanders group is made of Division Commanders (COs), and Executive Officers (XOs). These are the leaders of TLO’s gaming divisions, and are seen as masters of their individual games.