First created by Ubergames as a modification for Raven Software’s game Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, RPG-X has evolved to become one of the best Star Trek universe roleplaying games available.

Now downloadable free as a standalone game, RPG-X has no predetermined missions, campaigns, or goals. Instead, in many ways a digital spin on the classic tabletop roleplaying game format, RPG-X is a massive, customizable sandbox that gives you the tools to create, run, and participate in your own Star Trek roleplays in a way not available in any other game.

Choose your own character:

Equipped with dozens of different character sets and skins, ranging from The Original Series to aliens of the Deep Space Nine era and beyond, the possibilities are vast.

Choose your map:

With your installation of RPG-X Ultimate Edition you will gain access to hundrends of maps. Alien and Federation ships, Earth and planets beyond, all are accessible with RPG-X.

Join the community:

Join our server and choose your role. Play as any one of a wide cast of positions and classes or, if you’re more experienced, play the role of CO – where you’re the both referee and storyteller – guiding your fellow players through a plot of your own making.

Start playing today:

Learn more about RPG-X at The Last Outpost here.
Download RPG-X Ultimate Edition here.
Come join us on our servers here.