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Enjoying TLO, but want more? Interested in getting closer to our community? Becoming a member of TLO gives you exclusive access to:

  • The ability to participate in and run SRPs and events in RPG-X
  • Our in-game clans/fleets (in STO)
  • Access to members’-only forum perks, including customized rank and greater forum access
  • The ability to participate in elections for group leaders, both running and voting
  • Lots of other benefits – beta access to software, special events, and more!

A Last Outpost membership lets you do more, play more, and be more – and best of all, it’s free, and takes just one easy steps:

  1. Register on our forum and confirm your e-mail address!

Membership FAQs

Does TLO ever reject membership applications?
Yes, but only very rarely. Out of over two hundred applications we’ve received, fewer than ten have been rejected. Those that are are usually due to previous rule violations on the part of the applicant, or an outstanding forum ban being circumvented.

Can I be in TLO and other Star Trek gaming groups/clans?
That depends on the rules of the other group – on our end, the answer is unequivocally yes! TLO is a community, not a clan, and though we’re close knit we know there are other places out there for different kinds of gaming. You are welcome to be in whatever other groups you wish, so long as it’s okay with them (TLO does not enforce other group’s rules; it’s your responsability to know whether “dual” membership is permitted).

Will my membership ever expire?
No. Once accepted, your membership and all its benefits remain indefinitely unless you retire or resign.

How will my rank be determined?
We determine your rank based on your previous experience in the games you’re here to play, and based on any previous standing you might have in our community. Rank decisions are heuristic and aren’t the same for everyone – for information on your specific rank, contact us after being accepted.

What if I want to leave TLO?
We’re sorry to see you go! You can do so by retiring (switching your account to an inactive state that retains many membership benefits), or by resigning (completely removing all of your membership privileges). More information on both can be found here (members only).

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