Taking a large step back.

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Cutting right to the point. I need to step down as president of TLO.

The short version of the reasoning: I have spent the better part of the last two weeks in the hospital. Once for family, and once for me. My health is not in a good way, and frankly, ...

September Awards

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No promotions up this month, and only a small number of awards. Remember, any member can nominate another for an award - just drop me a private message!


For participation in the recent Upgrade Project event, the following members ar...

Media and Marketing Head

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I was messaged yesterday (via Xbox) by Chris Wilkinson signaling his desire to step down from his position as head of M&M.

As such, I am asking Criminula to begin the election process for a new M&M head.

I want to thank Chris for the work he has done, ...