Site Migration

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I'd like to apologise about such short notice about this, but due to fast approaching deadlines I will be performing a site migration at 7AM EST TODAY (27th April).

The bulk of the migration is already complete, but to fully migrate the site I will nee...

Updates to SRP Submissions

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We just wanted to clarify how mSRP and SRP submissions work as the system has recently been changed slightly.

The two topics on these have been updated to fully reflect the latest changes to the system:

2016 TLO Presidential Election

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Hello everyone,

Per Section 5, Rule 5 of the CoC, Presidential elections within The Last Outpost occur every year and Serris will have served his second year-long as President come mid-December. Therefore, Internal Affairs will be beginning the Preside...

The Last Outpost’s New Logo

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My fellow TLOers,

Today is a momentus day in our history for The Great TLO Logo Debate has concluded, TLO has voted and their voice has been heard. With a majority vote of 53.6% in the first poll and a massive mandate of 70.6% in the second poll, the p...